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   Advisory Board
Kristina Voigt

I graduated in food chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin in 1979. From 1980 to 1983 I worked in the Environmental Chemicals Department at the German Environmental Protection Agency (UBA) in Berlin. In 1983 I moved to the GSF National Research Center for Environment and Health in Munich. There my main task is testing and evaluation chemical-relevant and environmental-relevant data-sources (print media, online databases, CD-ROMs, Internet resources). On top of that I work on the evaluation of environmental and chemical data using different mathematical methods.
Since 1988 I have been the head of the research project "Information System for Environmental Chemicals".
I am also responsible for another project within the field of information management in environmental sciences. This is called UFIS a project for the documentation of models and data in ecological research. This is the partner metadatabase to DAIN Metadatabase of Internet Resources for Environmental Chemicals.

In 1997 I received my PhD at the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg (Prof. Gasteiger, Computer-Chemistry-Center). The title of my thesis was: Set-up of metadatabases for environmental chemicals and comparative evaluation of online databases and CD-ROMs. I have published extensively in books, reports, proceedings and in environmentally orientated journals. I give training courses and seminars for environmental- and chemical-relevant data sources in Germany. I held lectures in the faculty of environmental sciences at the University of Lueneburg.
For some years I work in the research field of environmental statistics and chemometrics.

I am a member of the editorial board of the scientific journal Online Information Review (old name till December 1999: Online & CD-ROM Review). I am also a member in organizing committees and refereeing boards of national and international conferences like the International Online Meeting in London, the ECO-INFORMA and the "Computer Science for Environmental Protection" Conference. Since 1996 (reelected in 2000) I am a member in the Management Committee of the Special Interest Group "Informatics in Environmental Protection" in the German Society for Informatics.

Since 2002 member in the International Society for Environmetrics (TIES) TIES.

Since 2002 member of the working group Chemometrics of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) Fachgruppe Wasserchemie der GDCh.

Since August 2003 I am responsible for the Preprints WebPage of the IBB IBB Preprints.
Since 2000 I am the deputy head of the Initiative Women in Science "Chancengleichheit" at the German Research Centre for Environment and Health.

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