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Associazione per la Cooperazione Industriale
e Scientifica tra Italia e Germania
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   Consiglio Direttivo: Consigliere
Massimo Busuoli

born in Bologna in 1966.
Laurea degree in 1991 in Physics in Bologna University
1992 - 1993 Grant on CNR FISBAT laboratories of Bologna for the modelling of air turbulence
Sept. 1993 Hired by ENEA in INN-TEC department located in Trisaia Centre in Policoro (MT) for the setting up of a Metrology laboratory for calibrating devices measuring temperature, pressure and electric values
1995 Project partner in ENEA INN-TEC department located in Casaccia in Rome inside ESPRIT ARTEMIS project for the parallelistion of an Electromagnetic Compatibility code
From 1997 he works in the field of Technology Transfer of IT based applications to SMEs in particular:
1997-2000 (ENEA Bologna INN-DIFF department) - Project manager of Esprit
Project NOTSOMAD for the Technology Transfer of HPCN to European SMEs inside the HPCN-TTN European network
2000-Today (ENEA Bologna UDA department) - Project manager of IST Fifth
FP projects: SHOCK, EUTIST-AMI, ASP-BP, partner in IST project EUTIST-M, coordinator of ETI project SWEETS; all project related to the technology transfer of IT based application to European SMEs.

"Applicazione di due modelli a conservazione di massa e di un modello
euleriano alla simulazione della dispersione di inquinanti atmosferici
su orografia complessa" Article on Acqua Aria N° 1 1996
"Validation and performance analysis of a parallel ported code for
simulating the effects of lightning strokes on telecommunication buildings"
Articole Editors: Bob Hertzberger, Peter Sloot Book: High-Performance
Computing and Networking International Conference and Exhibition
Proceedings 1997
"L'innovazione viene col calcolo veloce" Article Notizie dal CINECA 1997

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