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• More User Reports, Blaha Paper Published. (298) » 2008.11.18 14:31   
ODBMS.ORG, a vendor-independent non-profit group of high-profile software experts lead by Prof. Roberto Zicari, today announced the exclusive publication of a third series of new user reports on using technologies for storing and handling persistent objects and a new paper by ODBMS.ORG panel member Michael Blaha.

Today, 7 additional user reports (18-24/08) have been published, from the following users:

• User Report 18/08: Peter Train at Standard Bank
• User Report 19/08: Biren Gandhi at IBM
• User Report 20/08: Sven Pecher at IBM
• User Report 21/08: Frank Stuch at IBM
• User Report 22/08: Hiroshi Miyazaki at Fujitsu
• User Report 23/08: Robert Huber at 7r
• User Report 24/08: Thomas Amberg at Oberon

The complete initial series of user reports is available for free

New Blaha Paper on OO Design of Stored Procedures

Also, ODBMS.ORG published a new paper by Michael Blaha, Bill Huth
and Peter Cheung on Object-Oriented Design of Database Stored

Object-oriented (OO) software engineering techniques are often
used with programming languages, but they also apply to
relational databases. OO techniques are not only helpful for
determining database structure, but also for designing stored
procedure code. In fact, we were surprised by the magnitude of
the stored procedure benefits. OO techniques boost development
productivity as well as the quality, clarity, and maintainability
of the resulting code.

The paper is available for free download(PDF):


In addition, a new paper by Miguel Garcia and Rakesh Prithiviraj
at TU Hamburg on Rethinking the Architecture of OR Mapping for
EMF in terms of LINQ was added to the recent spate of papers on
This paper focusses on demands placed on Object-Relational
Mapping (ORM) in order to support comprehensive queries, as known
from LINQ and Scala.

The paper is available for free download(PDF)at:

The ODBMS.ORG expert panel added Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld at
Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam to its now 109 members:

ODBMS.ORG (www.odbms.org) is a vendor-independent, not-for-profit
educational program on object database technology and the
integration between object-oriented programming and databases.
Designed by Prof. Roberto Zicari of Frankfurt University, the
program's goal is to promote and further the use of object
databases - by offering free resources for students, faculty and
researchers at universities and research centers, as well as for
JAVA and .NET developers in the commercial and the open source
world. Content is provided by a panel of internationally
recognized experts, who share research articles and teaching
materials with the community via the organization's Web portal.

Contact ODBMS.ORG at editor @ odbms.org.

Roberto V. Zicari

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