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   –  posted: 2005.10.11 12:48:46 from: Roberto V. Zicari
NEWS 10/3/2005
ODBMS.ORG Expands Panel, Contributions, Languages

After a successful launch on September 15, ODBMS.ORG has added new panel members and contributions to its unique resource portal on object database technology.

New Expert Panel members include

Prof. Zongmin Ma, Northeastern University
Dr. Patrick Maes, HCL Technologies
Hans van Oosten, Da Capo al Fine
Prof. Dr. Tamer Özsu, University of Waterloo
Prof. Dr. Tore J.M. Risch, University of Uppsala
Craig Russell, Sun Microsystems
Prof. Dr. Serge Shumilov, Universität Bonn
Dr. Sinisa Zimek, Chief Strategy Officer, IWTS-BP

Prof. Dr. Serge Shumilov from Bonn University, Germany, has contributed very comprehensive lecture notes on Object Persistence strategies incl. ODBMS, RDBMS, JDBC, SQLj, OR-Mappers incl. Hibernate, JDO, and EJB.

Shumilov's contribution is in German and opens ODBMS.ORG's expansion into different languages. Soon, Japanese and Chinese resouces will be added and be aggregated on language-specific subpages of the portal, such as the new German subpage:

We invite you and the entire community to contribute their work for sharing and fueling the adoption of object database technology.

Contact ODBMS.ORG at editor@odbms.org


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