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10+ Questions On Innovation to Dennis Tsichritzis.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am interested to learn how innovation can be supported and if
possible created. Large research centers do (sometimes) innovate and/or facilitate individual innovation.
Read what Dennis Tsichritzis has to say on this. Dennis was previously President of GMD and later senior vice president at Fraunhofer, after Fraunhofer and GMD merged to form one of the largest research center in Germany.

When asked how can we create a culture that supports and sustains innovation? Dennis Tsichritzis says: "By admiring the new and the chances that it brings as opposed to thinking of the risks and the shortcomings. By rewarding lavishly everybody who tries to innovate as opposed to the successfulones.
By encouraging young persons to think differently as opposed to
learn what is widely accepted."

To the question What would you recommend to make a "location" attractive for innovation? Dennis Tsichritzis lists three elements:

"1) Attract top talent around the World by giving them the best
working conditions and living environment.
2) Revamp the education system to promote free thinking instead of recipes
3) Support financially innovations and promote them world wide"

You can read the full interview at:

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